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Awards won with Peach State Calls

2001 Cottonlandia Callmakers Show
1st place painted call category
2nd place painted call category
3rd place working call long box category

2002 NWTF MIDWEST National Call Competition
3rd place carved and painted category

2002 NWTF Grand National Call Competition
Honorable Mention Overall Presentation

Midwest National NWTF Call Competition 2003
2nd Place Decorative Call Carved and Painted

Midwest National 2004
1st Place Scratch Box Working Call
2nd Place Locator Call
3rd Place Locator Call
Honorable Mention Woodburnt Call

2004 Grand National
Honorable Mention Woodburnt Call

2005 MidWest National
1st Carved Call
2nd Multiple Call Set
3rd Working  LongBox
Honorable Mention Decorative Friction
Honorable Mention Woodburnt

2006 MidWest National
4th Woodburnt Call

2006 GrandNational
H.M. Woodburnt

2007 MidWest National
3rd Carved Box
H.M. Open Call
H.M. Working One Side Box

2007 Georgia State Championship
1st place Open class longbox
3rd place One sider state
3rd place wingbone state

2007 Grand National
H.M. One side box call working class
H.M. Carved Box call

2008 Midwest National
3rd place Woodburnt Call
5th Place Locator Call

2008 Georgia State Championship
3rd Place One side Box
3rd Place Locator Call

2008 Grand Nationals

1st place Locator Call decorative

4th Place Working Scratch Box

5th Place Carved Box

5th Place Woodburnt Box

2009 Georgia State Championship

2nd place Longbox

3rd place Longbox

2009 Southeastern Open

1st place Longbox

1st place Scratchbox

2010 Midwest National

1st place tube call

2 time Honorable mention Decorative Duck calls with Jeff Cooper 

2010 Georgia State

2nd Longbox

2010 Grand Nationals

3rd Decorative Owl Hooter

H.M. Decorative scratchbox


 2010 Southeastern Open

Best of Class 1st Place Longbox



NWTF Grand National Call